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 Cover Page                         January 2017 issue


PnPAuthors Promotions website began 5 years ago. This is the second year for PnPAuthors Promotional Magazine. It has won awards, and considered the best magazine online.

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Our  Second Year Anniversary

Thank you Authors, Poets, Artist, for making our second year of PnPAuthors Promotional Magazine a big success. You made it work, you joined in and made our magazine the top magazine online. Peter and Pattimari are now moving into their third year and it is going to come with more exciting things for you.


Our Newly Joined Authors ~ We have almost 600 members now

Karo VB, Belgium

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I read the magazine and always enjoying reading the enlightening poems, articles, recipes and columns written by each contributor; gifted authors. To all writers~ continue writing - the world is reading. Speaking for myself, enjoy reading your works

Again, my hat is off to Patti for the great work she and Peter are doing maintaining this site.

I liked Suzanne's column and hope she stays as a columnist. She makes me feel good each month. 

Outstanding stories by Peter. I enjoyed it so much, I copied it. I hope that is okay.

 I enjoyed greatly.

I enjoyed everybody's column and wish to get involved myself

Thank you for the opportunities you have given me this year to write for the Magazine, as well as through the diversity of groups. PnP Authors is a great community and I look forward to joining in the activities again next year.


Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year

OK a little early, but we are coming to a busy part of the year.

Am I Santa in disguise or one of his elves? No, would have been fun though. And before you think it I am not a reindeer either.

Winter exam marking is almost upon me, and work will start arriving for me to get on with before Christmas.

I know a couple of people bought my book of poems from Amazon. (Spirit Man and Nature) so thank you for that. I even managed to finish writing Diamond ( a book for the 11 to 14  age group)

here are links to my books if anyone else wants to take a look at the preview pages

Once again, thank you to those how bought my book and a Merry Christmas to all of you

What can I say; you did it again. All articles, poems, and short stories are on point.  Congrats to Suzanne for being the author of the month.
Dr. Willie White Good Shepherd Writing and Publishing LLC

What would I do without this magazine each and every month? Cry. Yes, I would because there is not one columnist, story teller, or poet whom I don't enjoy. They all are so wonderful that I eat their writings up. Thank you Peter and Patti for bringing us this magazine each month.


Another year of this wonderful magazine which I so enjoy. Thanks Peter and Pattimari.

Please know that I enjoy your professional looking magazine and with so many interesting things.




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